Entry Senior


About This Career

Swampers assist operators and other crew members with a variety of manual labour-related tasks, including the set-up and pull-down of rigs and equipment, pre- and post-trip inspections and maintaining an orderly and safe job site. 

Swampers require physical strength and stamina to enable handling light and heavy equipment and assist in the use of tools and other devices. Swampers interact with Drilling and Service Rig Operators, as well as other labourers on site.

Education: There are no specific educational requirements, however progressive experience is required to move up to more senior operating positions. A high school diploma may be required at the more senior levels.

Employment: This occupation is found in onshore environments and is typically employed in exploration and production, oil sands, oil and gas services sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Example titles: Oil Field Labourer, Truck Driver, Rig Helper

Work Activities
Applying Health and Safety Principles
Maintaining a clean and safe working environment.
Communicating with Persons Outside Organization
Liaising with other workers and/or clients on client job sites.
Documenting/Recording Information
Completing all required documentation.
Handling and Moving Objects
Loading and unloading job site equipment and materials.
Assisting Operators with general tasks on the job site.
Inspecting Equipment, Structures or Material
Assisting Truck Operators in conducting pre- and post-trip inspections.
Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices or Equipment
Transporting equipment to and from the job site.
Service Orientation
Public Safety and Security
Active Listening
Career Path
  • The following are examples of progressive or lateral career paths associated with this occupation:
  • Drilling and Service Rig Labourer
  • Construction Craft Worker
  • Dispatcher
  • Driver
  • Sales Consultant
Related Careers
Working Conditions
  • Field 2
    Field Visits
  • Physical
    Mild Physical Activity
  • Office
    Office Based
  • Steeringwheel
    Driving Required
  • Variable weather
    Variable Weather
  • Road
    Remote Locations
  • Industrial excavator
    Active Machinery
  • Arrow
    Shift Work
  • Load
    Heavy Lifting
  • Physical
    Physically Demanding
  • Heights
    Working from Heights
  • Longshifts
    Long Shifts
  • Overtime
    Some Overtime Required
Transferable Sectors
  • Truck transportation
  • Non-residential and residential building construction
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Rail transportation
  • Forestry and logging
  • Primary metal manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Petroleum and coal product manufacturing
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Wood product manufacturing
  • Heavy and civil engineering construction
  • Utilities, including renewable energy
  • Mining and quarrying
Job Details

Job Category

Field Workers


Exploration and production

Oil and gas services

Oil sands



Qualifications + Experience


  • High School Diploma (or equivalent)


  • The following are examples of health and safety courses that may be required with this occupation:
  • Construction Safety Training System (CSTS)
  • Standard and emergency first aid
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
  • Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST)
  • H2S Alive
  • Fall protection
  • Confined space entry
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Traffic control
  • Hazard Identification
  • Driver training
  • Blowout prevention training


  • A Class 5 driver’s licence is required.

Additional Requirements:

  • Ability to pass a pre-employment physical assessment and drug test