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Drilling Fluids Representative

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About This Career

Drilling Fluids Representatives work alongside the drilling crew to ensure that the drilling fluid used on an oil or gas well site meets required specifications for the type of well in development and is compatible with the oil or gas formations being drilled. They also provide guidance in the event of any issues.

Drilling Fluids Representatives ensure that the proper materials are supplied as needed. They may be required to undertake the activities of an on-site Drilling Fluids Specialist, which requires strong knowledge of drilling fluids and their properties. This occupation is commonly referred to as the Mud Man.

Drilling Fluids Representatives test fluids throughout an operation to ensure compliance with specifications, and maintain and calibrate the necessary test equipment. They advise crews on the safe handling and use of drilling fluids, and provide expert advice on the proper disposal of waste fluids. They may also coordinate with Solids Control Technicians to ensure that drilling fluids are being properly cleaned for re-use.

Education: A post-secondary degree in a science or engineering discipline is typically required, although less formal education with 8-10 years of drilling experience may also be acceptable.

Employment: This occupation is found in both onshore and offshore environments and is typically employed in the oil and gas services sector of the oil and gas industry.

Example titles: Mud Man/Woman, Mud Specialist, Field Service Representative, Technical Services Representative, Drilling Fluids Engineer, Mud Engineer

Work Activities
Analyzing Data or Information
Performing complete, accurate and timely well-site analyses of all drilling fluids parameters required by the client or operating company.
Applying Health and Safety Principles
Attending and participating in safety meetings and briefing the drilling crew on any aspect of drilling fluid usage.
Ensuring compliance with applicable safety codes and policies while carrying out various activities.
Documenting/Recording Information
Recording any fluids lost or increases in volumes of the products used in drilling.
Recording the discharge of cuttings which have been exposed to an oil- or synthetic-based drilling fluid.
Monitor Processes, Materials or Surroundings
Monitoring the discharge of cuttings which have been exposed to an oil- or synthetic-based drilling fluid
Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices or Equipment
Assisting in the efficient operation of the solids control equipment.
Performing Administrative Activities
Preparing daily drilling fluid reports.
Generating and maintaining accurate and timely drilling fluids reports and records as directed, requested or needed by the client or operating company.
Provide Consultation and Advice to Others
Supplying information on toxicity of all the drilling fluid products and advising on their safe handling.
Quality Assurance
Checking and controlling the mixture of drilling fluids within defined specifications.
Ensuring that all drilling fluid test equipment is well maintained and regularly calibrated.
Ensuring clean mud at the proper viscosity is provided for drilling.
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Recognizing drilling problems and proposing solutions.
Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge
Demonstrating a strong knowledge of the drilling process and drilling fluids.
Judgment and Decision Making
Attention to Detail
Management of Material Resources
Active Listening
Career Path
  • Drilling Fluids Specialist
  • Drilling Supervisor
  • Technical Salesperson
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Job Details

Job Category



Oil and gas services



Qualifications + Experience


  • Post-secondary degree


  • Standard and emergency first aid
  • H2S Alive


  • Class 5 driver's licence and a clean driving record