Working Conditions

The oil and gas industry has a wide range of working conditions for just about every kind of person. Here are a number of conditions that you may encounter, depending on your occupation. Visit Career Explorer, our career planning tool to determine the career that suits you best and its working conditions.
Field visits
Involves travel to field sites and possibly extended periods of time away from home.
Remote locations
Involves travel to remote or isolated locations with possible prolonged, regular absences from home

Office based
Primarily based in an office

Primarily based in the offshore sector

Office or Field Based
Can work in the office or at field location

May involve moving periodically in order to obtain diverse experience.

Mild physical activity
Requires occasional physical activity

Heavy lifting
Requires physical fitness and heavy lifting

Long periods of standing
Requires standing for long periods of time

Shift work
May involve daytime, evening or night shifts

Long shifts
Work may involve extended shifts

Some overtime required
Overtime may be required. Eligibility for overtime pay is based on labour legislation and company or sector-specific practices.

High stress situations
Deadline driven occupations that can result in stress.

Driving required
May require travel to remote locations or to multiple sites.

Variable weather
Primarily outdoors in all weather conditions

Active machinery
Involves working to the pace or speed of equipment or machinery.

Working from heights
Involves working up high, such as on ladders, scaffolds or poles.

Hazardous conditions
In or around potentially hazardous equipment, chemicals, explosives, etc. All safety precautions and safety regulations are strictly enforced.
Use the Career Explorer, our career planning tool, to learn more about requirements and working conditions for specific occupations.