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Experience the Energy: Oil + Gas Matters

The world uses oil and gas to make energy which allows us to drive cars and trucks, fuel jet planes and heat our homes. It also helps us make products we use every day, like cell phones, bicycles and running shoes. Find out more about how it got into the ground – and how we get it out. 

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Real talk on current labour market and careers in Alberta's energy sector

Join us as we go beyond conventional oil and gas and discover the future of this ever-changing industry.

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COVID-19 Takes Toll on Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry


The impact of COVID-19 is dramatic and far-reaching. It has changed everything from how we function in our daily lives to the health of the global economy. It’s no surprise, then, that the pandemic is affecting Canada’s oil and gas industry.  As described in a report released by the Labour Market In...
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  • Career Planning

Scheduler Spotlight


At any given moment, people and materials are flowing into and out of oil and gas operations. Helping them move in a way that keeps the oil and gas flowing is a complex dance that requires careful choreography. The choreographers calling those steps are the Schedulers.  What a typical day looks like...
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Day in the life

Day in the Life: Sue – External Relations Manager, Social Performance

For Sue, working in Canada’s energy sector has always been about more than energy. It’s also been about people, community and sustainability. “I started my career working for Shell Canada over 20 years ago, knowing that I wanted to work in sustainability with community as a focus,” Sue says. “The prospect of understanding how people and communities are impacted by major resource projects over generations is compelling.” A typical day Based in dow...
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