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Employers are competing for the best and brightest. The traditional labour pool is shrinking. Acceleration of technologies and innovation across the energy sector is changing occupations, skills and the knowledge needed to be successful.

Selecting a career path

In choosing a career path, an individual needs to understand the industry, the career opportunities and the employer. As an employer, understanding how innovation and technologies are changing occupations, what skills are growing in demand, and how you can address any skill gaps are key to developing your workforce.

Attraction and retention

Employers not only assess the suitability of an individual for a job, but are also responsible for creating the experiences to retain them.

PetroLMI is a go-to source for Cenovus when we are looking for reliable information to support our engagement with stakeholders. The data and communications materials they provide help us explain the valuable contribution of our industry in a manner that’s relevant to multiple audiences.

Rhona DelFrari, Chief Sustainability Officer & SVP Stakeholder Engagement, Cenovus Energy

Polytechnics Canada recommends the Careers in Oil + Gas website as a valuable resource for employers, jobseekers and learners looking to keep pace with new and emerging trends in Canada’s energy sector. The combination of career tools, reports and labour market information help to support a sustainable, resilient and innovative workforce.

Matt Henderson, Senior Policy Analyst, Polytechnics Canada

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