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Communications Coordinator

About This Career

Communications Coordinators implement and contribute to the development of communications, community relations and internal change management strategies. They write, coordinate and produce a variety of communications products and services including promotional, online and printed materials, newsletters and news releases. They maintain social media accounts and prepare internal communications. This role ensures organizational branding guidelines are followed (within the context of materials they prepare) and that communication schedules are met.  Communications Coordinators undertake research to inform strategies (e.g. developing and implementing surveys, supporting the execution of focus groups).  They may also provide issues management, event coordination, and media monitoring/media relations assistance in support of projects and the needs of the organization. 

This role is typically part of a larger communications or public relations team. They may interact with personnel from many departments such as business operations, marketing, public relations, community investment, stakeholder engagement and investor relations. They may also be responsible for communication with external stakeholders such as the public or media.  Communications Coordinators may also play a role in emergency and crisis situations.

Education: A post-secondary diploma or degree in communications or other related disciplines, such as public relations, journalism or marketing, is typically required.

Employment: This occupation is found in onshore environments and is employed in the exploration and production (E&P), oil sands, oil and gas services and pipeline sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Example titles: Communications Assistant, Communications Specialist, Communications Advisor, Public Relations Advisor, Media Relations Advisor, Investor Relations Advisor 

Work Activities
Applying Information
Preparing written materials including business communications, internal communications, marketing communications, reports and presentation materials.
Reviewing and editing documents to adhere to brand management details.
Communicating with Persons Outside Organization
Writing issue notes and creating key messages related to current events, as well as change management, community relations and other internal and external issues and initiatives.
Coordinating the Work and Activities of Others
Coordinating day-to-day communication services (e.g. speeches, news releases, etc.)
Ensuring the communications schedule is adhered to and that style and content are appropriate for the audience.
Interacting With Computers
Participating in web design and/or social media programs.
Maintaining social media accounts.
Communications and Media
Critical Thinking
Computer use
Active Listening
Career Path
  • Positions vary greatly and progression to senior management roles is obtainable with experience
  • Consulting is also an option, with experience
  • Examples of progressive or lateral occupations within the Oil and Gas industry:
  • Communications Coordinator to Communications Specialist to Communications Manager
  • Communications Assistant to Analyst to Advisor
  • Manager, Public Affairs to Manager, Investor Relations or Manager Community/Stakeholder Relations
  • Journalist/Reporter to Communications Specialist
  • Stakeholder Relations to Community Affairs to Communications Manager
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How Can I Work in LNG?

As Canada prepares for the launch of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, this occupation will play a key role in:

  • LNG export facility construction
  • LNG export facility operations
  • Natural gas pipeline construction

When the LNG industry takes off, you can be a part of the action!

Working Conditions
  • Field 2
    Field Visits
  • Office
    Office Based
  • Steeringwheel
    Driving Required
  • Road
    Remote Locations
  • Overtime
    Some Overtime Required
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Job Details

Job Category

Business and Operations Support



Oil and gas services

Oil sands

Exploration and production



Qualifications + Experience


  • Post-secondary degree


  • CPRS awards the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) designation.It is obtained through submission of a work sample, written exam (essay and short answer) and oral exam by a professional panel.
  • The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) awards the professional designation Communication Management Professional

Additional Requirements:

  • Health and Safety courses may be relevant depending on site visits.