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Human Resources Advisor

About This Career

Human Resources (HR) Advisors assist and advise employers with employee compensation, organizational development, change management, performance management, employee/leadership development, employee relations and possibly recruitment in smaller organizations. They evaluate, develop, and implement human resources programs and procedures to address issues such as organizational effectiveness.

HR Advisors work with employees and potential candidates to negotiate employment terms and agreements, as well as undertake job evaluations. A key part of the role is to ensure that the company is complying with employment law and managing their employees appropriately. They utilize standard office equipment and software applications, as well as specialized human resources management applications. Depending on the employer, some travel to sites may be required.

Education: A post-secondary diploma or degree in human resources management or a related field is typically required.

Employment: This occupation is found in onshore environments and is typically employed in the exploration and production (E&P), oil sands, oil and gas services, and pipeline sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Example titles: Corporate Recruiter, Recruitment Specialist, Employment Coordinator, Employment Representative, Employment Specialist, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources Specialist, Personnel Coordinator, Recruiter, Technical Recruiter

Work Activities
Communicating with Persons Outside Organization
Advertising job vacancies, interviewing job applicants and preparing offer letters.
Documenting/Recording Information
Updating and maintaining the HR Information System.
Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others
Advising employers and employees on the interpretation of human resources policies, compensation and benefit programs and collective agreements.
Providing Consultation and Advice to Others
Contributing to the continuous improvement of HR systems and practices.
Resolving Conflicts and Negotiating with Others
Negotiating terms and conditions of employment with new and current staff.
Judgment and Decision Making
Attention to Detail
Leading/ Living The Vision And Values
Human Resources
Active Listening
Career Path
  • Examples of progressive or lateral occupations within the Oil and Gas industry:
  • HR Advisor to HR Generalist to HR Specialist
  • HR Advisor to HR Specialist (e.g. Benefits, Compensation or Relocation) to HR Manager
  • Some HR Specialist Roles to Communications/Community Relations
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How Can I Work in LNG?

As Canada prepares for the launch of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, this occupation will play a key role in:

  • Off-site fabrication
  • LNG export facility construction
  • LNG export facility operations
  • Natural gas pipeline construction

When the LNG industry takes off, you can be a part of the action!

Working Conditions
  • Field 2
    Field Visits
  • Office
    Office Based
  • Steeringwheel
    Driving Required
  • Road
    Remote Locations
  • Overtime
    Some Overtime Required
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Job Details

Job Category

Business and Operations Support




Oil and gas services

Oil and gas services

Oil sands

Oil sands

Exploration and production

Exploration and production



Qualifications + Experience


  • Post-secondary diploma


  • Some employers may require human resources professionals to hold a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation.