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Instrumentation Engineering Technologists

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Instrumentation Engineering Technologists operate and maintain electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They may work with engineers and others to design, specify, size and select measurement and control systems. Instrumentation Engineering Technologists may also program and configure microprocessor-based measurement and control systems or oversee diagnostic programs and the installation of instrumentation systems.

Instrumentation Engineering Technologists coordinate with other trades or vendors involved with construction or ongoing maintenance activities. They work with pneumatic devices, control valves, electronic instruments, digital logic devices, computer-based process controls and control system design.  

Education: A post-secondary diploma in instrumentation engineering technology or computer engineering technology is typically required.

Employment: This occupation is found in onshore and offshore environments and is typically employed in the exploration and production, oil sands, oil and gas services and pipeline sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Example titles: Electrical Engineering Technologist, Electronics Engineering Technologist, Instrument Technologist

Work Activities
Analyzing Data or Information
Reading and analyzing drawings, schematics and equipment manuals.
Applying Health and Safety Principles
Complying with and promoting health, safety, environmental and quality policies related to all operations.
Communicating with Persons Outside Organization
Coordinating with other trades or vendors involved with construction or ongoing maintenance activities related to instrumentation.
Drafting, Laying Out and Specifying Technical Devices, Parts and Equipment
Writing specifications, schedules and technical reports.
Guiding, Directing and Motivating Subordinates
Supervising the building and testing of prototypes according to general instructions and established standards.
Interacting With Computers
Implementing computer software programs for data log and control.
Programming and configuring microprocessor-based measurement and control systems.
Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others
Interpreting installation standards and practices to ensure compliance with local regulations.
Providing Consultation and Advice to Others
Providing expertise in the evaluation, selection and installation of new instrumentation and analytical equipment.
Acting as a technical resource and collaborating in the preparation and/or revision of quality system procedures and work instructions pertaining to instrumentation.
Recommending and implementing modifications to improve measurement and control systems.
Repairing and Maintaining Electronic Equipment
Performing and/or arranging for the required maintenance, calibration and repair of analytical equipment, instrumentation, controls and their associated systems.
Managing preventive maintenance and calibration programs.
Repairing or replacing defective or worn electrical, electronic or instrument parts.
Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Providing troubleshooting services and functionality improvements for existing controls.
Thinking Creatively
Designing, developing and testing power equipment and systems, industrial process control systems, telecommunication, broadcast, recording and audiovisual systems, micro-electronic systems and circuits, computers, computer systems and networks, and computer software.
Training and Teaching Others
Providing and/or supporting the provision of technical support and training to control system and instrumentation users.
Operation and Control
Operation Monitoring
Computer use
Career Path
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Supervisor, Operations
  • Technologist
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Working Conditions
  • Field 2
    Field Visits
  • Physical
    Mild Physical Activity
  • Steeringwheel
    Driving Required
  • Variable weather
    Inclement Weather
  • Road
    Remote Locations
  • Industrial excavator
    Active Machinery
  • Arrow
    Shift Work
  • Load
    Heavy Lifting
  • Standing
    Long Periods of Standing
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  • Heights
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  • Longshifts
    Long Shifts
  • Overtime
    Some Overtime Required
  • Fieldoroffice
    Office or Field Based
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Technicians and Technologists



Oil and gas services

Oil sands

Exploration and production


2233, 2241

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  • Post-secondary diploma