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Regulatory Affairs Professional

About This Career

Regulatory Affairs Professionals assist in the development and implementation of corporate regulatory strategy and policy, and provide support for the resolution of issues within regulatory parameters. They coordinate and document internal regulatory processes, such as internal audits, inspections, license renewals and registrations.

Specializations include:

  • Regulatory Permit Coordinators assist with permit applications, implementing permit approvals and maintaining compliance with permits. They also ensure that contractors have accurate and complete plans in place to obtain permits and approvals.  
  • Regulatory Specialists typically focus on regulatory compliance at a strategic level while supporting complicated projects with a large number of stakeholders involved.
  • Regulatory Leads liaise with regulators such as the National Energy Board (NEB) and provincial regulatory agencies. 
  • Legal Counsel provides advice and guidance on regulatory issues affecting the company’s assets. 
  • Inspectors for Regulatory Compliance work with regulators to conduct inspections of oil and gas wells during operations, well servicing, well abandonment and enhanced oil recovery, as well as facilities and pipelines, in order to ensure compliance.

Education: A post-secondary diploma or degree in a relevant field, such as business, economics, engineering, finance, law, policy, environmental sciences, biology or geology/hydrogeology (or a related discipline), is typically required.  A law degree is required for a legal counsel role, and the person must be a member in good standing with the provincial Law Society. Individuals tend to work in their field to gain experience and leverage this experience to move to regulatory roles later in their career.

Employment: This occupation is found onshore and is typically employed in the exploration and production (E&P), oil sands, oil and gas services, and pipeline sectors of the oil and gas industry.

Example titles: Benefits Coordinator, Compliance Officer/Coordinator, Industrial Benefits Analyst/Advisor, Legal Counsel, Regulatory Advisor and Specialist, Regulatory Compliance Specialist, Regulatory Coordinator/Lead, Regulatory Permit Coordinator, Regulatory Inspector, Regulatory Technician

Work Activities
Analyzing Data or Information
Analyzing complaints and making recommendations regarding their reportability.
Communicating with Persons Outside the Organization
Represent company interest at meetings with regulators and in stakeholder consultations[8-4b]
Making technical presentations to industry and other government agencies.
Attending business meetings with industry representatives and government officials.
Communicating with Supervisors, Peers or Subordinates
Implementing a regulatory strategy.
Delivering presentations on the regulatory process to internal groups.
Delivering presentations in relation to the company’s compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal regulatory laws.
Ensuring effective communication between employees and regulators, industry and government officials.
Coordinating the Work and Activities of Others
Coordinating the preparation and submission of documents, reports and regulatory applications in compliance with applicable regulatory rules of practice and procedures.
Ensuring everyone in the company is aware of and in compliance with various government regulations and all permit and license requirements.
Coordinating site evaluations and preparing reports to comply with regulatory approvals and regulations.
Coordinating facilities applications to the relevant provincial agency and ensure that cross-functional components of the applications (e.g., engineering, environmental, socio-economic, financial, lands and legal consultation) comply with the requirements set out in relevant legislations and regulations.
Coordinating efforts associated with the preparation of regulatory documents or submissions.
Determining Compliance
Determining the types of regulatory submissions or internal documentation that are required in situations such as proposed device changes or labeling changes.
Documenting/Recording Information
Recording permits against the established tracking process.
Preparing presentations on the regulatory process to internal groups.
Maintaining databases and filing systems for information related to the department’s mandate.
Preparing or maintaining technical files as necessary to obtain and sustain product approval.
Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships
Maintaining strong relationships with local, provincial and federal environmental regulators.
Evaluating Information
Applying for updates to operations permits as required.
Getting Information
Investigating incidents and complaints to ensure public safety, environmental protections and resource conservation.
Guiding, Directing and Motivating Subordinates
Responding to emergencies as required and assuming the lead role during emergency response activities.
Directing the preparation of additional information or responses as requested by regulatory agencies.
Identifying Objects, Actions and Events
Identifying relevant guidance documents, international standards, or consensus standards and providing interpretive assistance.
Inspecting Equipment, Structures or Material
Escorting government inspectors during inspections and providing post-inspection follow-up information as requested.
Interpreting the Meaning of Information for Others
Interpreting regulatory rules or rule changes and ensuring that they are communicated through corporate policies and procedures.
Judging the Qualities of Things, Services or People
Ensuring the contractor’s permit plans are completed by linking project deliverables and construction work packages to permits and approvals.
Ensuring permits and approvals are properly sequenced and scheduled.
Monitoring Processes, Materials or Surroundings
Using developed systems to monitor permits.
Processing Information
Auditing the contractor’s permit applications for quality.
Providing Consultation and Advice to Others
Providing advice in relation to the company’s compliance with applicable federal, provincial and municipal regulatory laws.
Advising on regulatory issues regarding facilities, public and Aboriginal consultations, land acquisition, environmental matters, tolls and tariffs.
Consulting on the regulatory process.
Thinking Creatively
Developing systems to track permits.
Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge
Maintaining a current knowledge base of existing and emerging regulations, standards or guidance documents.
Leading/ Living The Vision And Values
Attention to Detail
Customer and Personal Service
Law and Government
Critical Thinking
Career Path
  • Coordinator
  • Director
  • Lead
  • Manager
  • Specialist
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Job Details

Job Category

Business and Operations Support



Oil and gas services

Oil sands

Exploration and production


2262, 4112

Qualifications + Experience


  • Post-secondary diploma


  • The appropriate engineering technology certification may be required
  • Standard and emergency first aid
  • H2S Alive
  • Other health and safety training certifications will be determined by specific job requirements


  • A professional engineering licence may be required.