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The Careers in Oil + Gas online tool lets you browse, search, sort and compare occupations in the oil and gas industry. Learn more about what qualifications you'll require if you are just starting out in the industry or if you want to change your career. Discover other jobs that you may be able to transfer into. Compare career options. 

Here are a few of the ways you can use our site.

Home Page

There are two main ways to browse for jobs – explore careers or explore job categories.

1. Explore Careers

Here you will find a directory of all the careers on our site. Filter your career options based on your qualifications, experience or work style preferences. Do you like working outdoors? Do you need steady work hours? These kinds of questions will help guide you through the discovery process.
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2. Explore Job Categories

Learn about the different categories of careers in the oil + gas industry - and view the range of careers in each. This is a great starting point if you know what field you'd like to work in, but are unsure of the specific career options available. 
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Explore Careers Page

Browse or compare careers on our site. Or, take a self assessment to discover some of the career options that are most suited to you. 

1. Self Assessment

Click "Assess Yourself" to start sorting your career options.
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2. View Specific Job Categories

Use this drop down to show only the careers in the specific job category you are interested in. 

3. Job Profiles

When you see a career that looks promising, click the career to view a detailed job profile.
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4. Compare Careers

Choose up to four careers to compare side by side by first clicking the checkboxes on each occupation, then clicking 'Compare Jobs'.


Self Assessment

Enter your qualifications, experience and work style preferences in the tool bar. The list of career options will automatically sort to the left and show you the best options first. 

1. Job Level 

Use these buttons to view junior or senior positions within an occupation. 

2. Education

Enter your education to sort your career options.

3. Working Conditions

Some careers have difficult working conditions. De-select any that do not appeal to you. By default, all are selected.

4. Skills and Behaviours

Expand these fields to enter more detailed information about your behaviours and skills. Every time you enter data, the list automatically sorts to the left, showing the best options first. 

5. Reset Filters

Clear all of your information and start over with this button.



Occupation Profile 

Here you will find a profile for your selected occupation.

1. Junior / Senior

Use these buttons to toggle between junior and senior activities and competencies within the occupation. The information below will adjust accordingly.

2. View Related Careers

Clicking here opens a dropdown menu with the two careers options most directly related to the chosen occupation. You can also view all related careers.

3. Download / Share Job Profile

Download a PDF profile of the career profile. If you find the ideal career for someone you know, you can share the profile through Twitter, Facebook or email.

4. Working Conditions

Get a quick overview of the working conditions you can expect with this career.

5. Competencies

Click one of these links to find out more detail on the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for this career.


Find Related Careers

If you want to advance or change your oil and gas career, you can find related jobs on this page.

1. Select Your Career

Use this dropdown menu to select your current field and occupation.

2. Find Related Careers

Once you have selected your current field and occupation, other careers most directly related will appear. Click on each occupation to view a profile.


This project is made possible through funding from the Government of Canada and the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

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