Work Culture

Just as working conditions vary in the oil and gas industry, the same can be said for the work culture. A company's work culture is influenced by many factors such as work-life balance, accessibility to training and professional development, team building, camaraderie between co-workers, fulfilling and challenging work opportunities, promotion and advancement, and incentive and bonus programs. Many oil and gas employers are committed to retaining employees by creating a positive work culture. Although companies differ in their cultures, most value the following:
Companies understand the need for their employees to be safe and work safe. Many organizations offer thorough training programs and encourage safety by promoting employee awareness.

Education and continuous learning
Employers typically offer incentives and programs to help employees reach their full potential. Some companies will even pay for courses that are related to your field of work!

Work-life balance
For jobs in an office setting, incentives such as flex days or Fridays off are used. For jobs on site, incentives such as rotational work or recreational facilities are used.

You can easily find out about a company's work culture by visiting their Career pages, or researching their Vision and Mission statements. Knowing a little about a company's short and long-term goals will tell you a lot about where the company is heading. The oil and gas industry offers plenty of options to suit your needs!

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