Job Search Tips

The oil and gas industry is large, diverse and complex - so it's important that you narrow your job search. Here are some quick job search tips to get your career in the oil and gas industry moving in the right direction:

  • First, learn about the industry, so you know how it works, what sector you'd like to work in and where you would likely be working.
  • Use the Career Explorer to find out what types of jobs are available, which ones interest you and what training would be required.
  • Each occupation in Career Explorer lists the available jobs that are posted on Job Bank.
  • Some sectors of the oil and gas industry operate on a seasonal basis. For instance, the drilling sector is typically busy from November to March, but then slows down in April for spring break-up when the ice melts. If you're looking for a job in drilling, apply in September, not April, to get the best results.
  • The oil and gas industry is somewhat volatile. That means it speeds up and slows down depending on the price of crude oil and natural gas. When prices are high, there is plenty of activity in the industry - and plenty of work. When prices are low, activity slows and jobs are harder to find. Keep your eye on the news so you know whether prices are up or down, then use that information to decide when to apply. 
  • For more job search information, check out resources like the Work Search Basics (PDF) from the Government of Alberta, which offers a clear, step-by-step process for finding entry-level work.