Employment + Labour Data

March 2020

PetroLMI gathers labour force data from Statistics Canada to compile the industry specific details outlined below. The labour force for Canada’s oil and gas industry refers to those 15 years of age and over who were employed or unemployed, and available to the labour market, specifically within the following industry sub-sectors: exploration and production (including oil sands), oil and gas services and pipeline transmission.

Region Labour Force Change
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Region Employment Change
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Region Unemployment
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All data and figures were sourced from Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey (LFS). Included are labour force, employment and unemployment within the following sub-sectors: exploration and production including oil sands, oil and gas services and pipeline transmission. Since the LFS is a sample survey, all estimates are subject to both sampling and non-sampling errors. As such, data availability and accuracy can be challenging for data subsets (e.g., by sub-sector and by province). Numbers are rounded to the nearest 100.
For an overview of the labour force survey and definitions please visit: Statistics Canada’s monthly Labour Force Survey

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